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i’m ok, i’m alright
i was out late last night
empty love, empty life
i will wait one more night..

suddenly my eyes are open,
everything comes into focus, oh,
we are all illuminated,
lights are shining on our faces, blinding..

tripadvisor says that i’ve seen only 5% of the world. looking forward to explore the world more. in september going to rome. where do you want to travel?

8 people control the cooking process, and anyway meat burned down :)))

can’t wait for summer, it will begin with barcelona and milan, kings of leon concert in june, by the way i’ve got the superfluous tickets. and it’s going to end at rome. looking at plans, i cannot complain, but anyway something harasses. feelings of unsuccessful and hopelessness.

looking for another job. feeling that on current appointment i’ve reached everything that i could. to move forward and to future development i have to change position for professional growth  - get new skills and knowledge. unfortunately can’t find any at least interesting offer.

i need another story
something to get off my chest
my life gets kinda boring
need something that I can confess

time to run

memories of the summer. also it was only one month ago, feels like quite long time have passed, difference in the air temperature is 20 degrees and it will grow..

my cat vasya

although i prefer city instead of countryside. sometimes i would like to live somewhere in the village with nature around and of course near a sea, at least so far, i could reach it walking. actually i am not friendly with water. i was afraid of it when i was small, it was hard to learn to swim, and i’m still bad with swimming. curious is that i am pulled to the sea. all summer i prefer to spend on the beach in jurmala. and when i’m looking places to go on a vacation, one of requirements is that there should be sea.