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can’t wait for summer, it will begin with barcelona and milan, kings of leon concert in june, by the way i’ve got the superfluous tickets. and it’s going to end at rome. looking at plans, i cannot complain, but anyway something harasses. feelings of unsuccessful and hopelessness.

looking for another job. feeling that on current appointment i’ve reached everything that i could. to move forward and to future development i have to change position for professional growth  - get new skills and knowledge. unfortunately can’t find any at least interesting offer.

i need another story
something to get off my chest
my life gets kinda boring
need something that I can confess

time to run

memories of the summer. also it was only one month ago, feels like quite long time have passed, difference in the air temperature is 20 degrees and it will grow..

my cat vasya

although i prefer city instead of countryside. sometimes i would like to live somewhere in the village with nature around and of course near a sea, at least so far, i could reach it walking. actually i am not friendly with water. i was afraid of it when i was small, it was hard to learn to swim, and i’m still bad with swimming. curious is that i am pulled to the sea. all summer i prefer to spend on the beach in jurmala. and when i’m looking places to go on a vacation, one of requirements is that there should be sea.

today my day passed listening the song from the previous post all day long. today i was happy, that’s all. it is really great feelings. while i was ridding by bike till jurmala, all girls smiled. i’m not sure if i looked fun or it is greeting sign of all bike drivers. it is cold to sunbathe yet, but sun is warming, so lying in dunes would be excellent. if you add beach volleball or football it would be possible to swim.  summertime in latvia is short, so enjoy it from early begin till indian summer. and be happy :)

i have studied hard this weekend, so i awarded myself with small shopping. althought there is no light in the end of tunnel, i am feeling, that shashlik season and drinking beer with sunflower seeds on the bench season is pretty close,  so it was big step forward. found cute belt in zara, which looks nice with my chinos, but it is selling only with bermundas. it is really stupid idea to sell belt togeher with bermundas. i would bought belt, but in the end, i bought nothing, don’t need their shorts. on wednesday or saturday i am going to open jogging season. my route will be the same as last year with the time  i probably will increase distance, running long lap. after 4 weeks i have to be fit for 10 km. want to make special t-shirt for the marathon, nothing special, already have an idea what to print on the back, but no idea what to print on the front side. peace.

gradually superputjka is returning. i’m like bear in winter. when it’s dark outside, i want to sleep all the time, as spring is coming, day become longer and lighter, i’m becoming cheerful. listening russian pop music and writing internship report. actually i can’t understand how it is possible to listen russian pop music, but my ears like it. although it is very lazy to start writting, it will be harder, when weather outside becomes pleasant. 24 pages remaining.. photo of outgoing winter. spring is in the air!!

despite of bad mood yesterday, today it’s pretty merrilly. i have a work, of course not the best one, but anyway - income. i’m studying for masters, but i don’t know why, but anyway - getting some new knowledges. i’m trying to have healhy lifestyle, not eat junk food and do some sport activities. actually can’t complain, but anyway i think my life is trash, like on picture above :))