day before last day of summer šŸ˜¢ #summer #jurmala

still at work, earning millions, you know..

iā€™m ok, iā€™m alright
i was out late last night
empty love, empty life
i will wait one more night..

lovely tuesday šŸ˜‹ #bimber

suddenly my eyes are open,
everything comes into focus, oh,
we are all illuminated,
lights are shining on our faces, blinding..

tripadvisor says that i’ve seen only 5% of the world. looking forward to explore the world more. in september going to rome. where do you want to travel?

8 people control the cooking process, and anyway meat burned down :)))

on saturday morning streets of riga are empty, and only tourists are resuming their journey.. #riga #graffity

catching last moments of summer #sunset #jurmala #beach #sea #summer