sweet couple #twix (at Ummis)

pleasant saturday at lake #ummis

summer in #jurmala. regret that don’t have swimming pants with me

first shot with olympus pl5. any suggestion for the best settings or cool filters?

can’t wait for summer, it will begin with barcelona and milan, kings of leon concert in june, by the way i’ve got the superfluous tickets. and it’s going to end at rome. looking at plans, i cannot complain, but anyway something harasses. feelings of unsuccessful and hopelessness.

looking for another job. feeling that on current appointment i’ve reached everything that i could. to move forward and to future development i have to change position for professional growth¬† - get new skills and knowledge. unfortunately can’t find any at least interesting offer.

small #picnic


was looking for tomorrow’s clasico preview, but found this

cycling season is opened #nature #riga #babelitesezers

#read ‘girl with a dragon tattoo’ and ‘girl who knocked the hornest nest’, but missed 2nd part of trilogy ‘girl who played with fire’