on weekend i’ve done nothing useful, as usual. but despite poor and windy weather i’ve played football on the beach. on saturday assisted 2 goals and once hit the bar, but on sunday also 2 assists and one hit of the post, mystery? no - stability. at the start of summer, there were no one with whom to play football, then i’ve got injured and now, although summer has ended already, played again. i don’t know what does word ‘harmony’ mean, but assume that was my feeling after football. satisfaction and joy. as i’ve mention weather was cold, nevertheless got into the water and dipped, and didn’t get ill. after the game it was impossible to drink water, because in a few hours it became ice cold, so bought thermos and from sunday a hot tea is always with me. great weekend as it was in rome..

ain’t no love in a heart of the city, ain’t no love in a heart of town. #jurmala #autumn #sunday #sea #love

few days ago i’ve learned new world frustration. now i know not only translation and meaning, but also a feeling.

why the hell you need to clean roads, when its raining, and rain have cleaned them already? #riga

assume only i can drink a beer with the chocolate #saturday

how does it feel to live a life
where nothing is real,
so just send me
down the river.

one lucky goalie scored, two randezvous with keeper failed to score. swam. don’t know how about you, but i still have summer! #sundayfootballclub #jurmala

arsenal vs. man.city, barca vs. athletic, lpool vs. villa, madrid derby. and how do you spend you saturday?😂 #saturday #istherealifewithoutfootball

rome is not barcelona, so it is goodbye #romeholidays (at Aeroporto di Roma Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” (FCO))

today was my last day at italy and i spent it sunbathing all day long. assume it was my last sunbathing in 2014. #romeholidays #ostiamoя